Expert Witness (Civil Law)

Canary Designs holds the CUBS, Cardiff University Law School and Bond Solon accreditation for providing Expert Witness evidence for Civil Law cases.


Personal Injury

Canary Designs has the capability and expertise to use Digital Human Modelling and video analysis to determine the circumstances that may have resulted in a personal injury at home or in the workplace.

Canary Designs provided expertise in helping the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court determine whether or not an individual accidentally fell from height. Canary designs visited the site of the accident, surveyed the accident location, produced a CAD model of the accident environment and modelled the loss of balance of the claimant and the trajectory of the fall. The case was Pollock vs Cahill (QBD 2015).

Workplace Investigations

Canary Designs investigates the circumstances that may have led to a personal injury in the workplace, including the ergonomics associated with the design of the work environment, the organisation and individual workstations.

Canary Designs helped a county court investigate the impact of a particular workplace activity that degenerated into a life-changing injury. The evidence collected enabled an out of court settlement to be agreed between the claimant and the defendants.

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